Reopening HVAC Services

Reopening HVAC Service
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From daily temperature checks and health questionnaires to all-day physical distancing and mask-wearing, returning to the workplace will cause most people to experience some form of stress.

Facilities teams have always been responsible for building cleanliness and safety, but now there is much more at stake to control the spread of infection and alleviate anxiety. 

Rearranging furniture, implementing foot traffic patterns, scheduling disinfection services, improving ventilation, and maintaining an ample supply of masks and hand sanitizer are just a few of the many requirements.

We know you have a lot on your plate, and there is one area where we can help…

Making sure your HVAC system is operating correctly and safely, with clean filters, conditioned air, and potentially installing an air purifier in the duct system will help bring comfort and reassurance to building occupants.  

We will perform a Reopening HVAC Service according to ASHRAE guidelines.

  • Thorough HVAC equipment inspection and system testing
  • Replace all system filters with MERV 13 or higher quality
  • Flush building with fresh air for 24 hours
  • Equipment report & recommendations

Call us today for your free quote at 617-779-9500 or contact us using the link below.

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