Sustainable HVAC Project: Net-Zero Retrofit

Sustainable HVAC

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LC Anderson is proud to work on sustainable HVAC projects with industry leaders like BXP in delivering cutting-edge solutions and innovative green technologies for sustainable buildings. The 140 Kendrick Building A underwent a significant retrofit aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and occupant comfort. LC Anderson played a pivotal role in this transformation, contributing to the building becoming the first net-zero, carbon-neutral office of this scale in Massachusetts.

Project Oveview

• Location: Needham, Massachusetts

• Building: 106,000 sq. ft. office building (part of a 440,000 sq. ft. campus)

• Goal: Net-zero carbon retrofit aligned with LEED v4 Gold and LEED Zero Carbon targets

• Key partners: BXP (developer, owner, and manager)

Project Objectives

• Achieve net-zero carbon emissions (aligned with LEED Zero Carbon standards).

• Attain LEED v4 Gold and LEED Zero Carbon certification.

• Improve energy efficiency and sustainability.

LC Anderson’s Role

• Electrification of the HVAC system: Replacing gas-fired rooftop units with a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) Heat Pump system.

• Advanced energy recovery: Utilizing rooftop air handling units with Superblock heat recovery to capture 90% of the building’s heat.

• Building automation and controls: Implementing a smart building system for continuous monitoring.

Key Achievements

• 1.4 MW on-site solar and storage: Generating more energy than the building consumes annually.

• 90% building heat recovered: Minimizing reliance on external energy sources.

• 38% reduction in indoor water use: Conserving precious resources.

• 50% construction waste diversion rate: Promoting circular economy principles.

• LEED v4 Gold and LEED Zero Carbon certification targets: Ensuring a healthy and sustainable environment for occupants.

Benefits for Your Business

By partnering with LC Anderson, you can achieve similar results for your own buildings:

• Reduced energy costs: Save money on your monthly energy bills.

• Improved environmental footprint: Contribute to a more sustainable future.

• Enhanced occupant comfort and well-being: Create a healthier and more productive work environment.

• Increased property value: Attract tenants and buyers who value sustainability.

LC Anderson: Your Partner for HVACR Solutions

LC Anderson offers a comprehensive range of HVACR services and solutions, including:

• HVAC system design and installation: We can design and install energy-efficient HVAC systems that meet your specific needs.

• Building automation and controls: We can implement smart building systems for optimal energy management and occupant comfort.

• Maintenance and repair: We can provide ongoing maintenance and repair services to ensure your HVAC system operates at peak efficiency.

Contact us today for a free consultation and learn how we can help you achieve your sustainability goals.

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