Veterinary Clinic HVAC Planned Maintenance & Replacement

Veterinary Clinic HVAC

Veterinary clinic HVAC systems need to provide comfort and proper air ventilation while mitigating mold and other moisture-related issues, pet dander, viruses and bacteria. Air conditioning and cooling are essential for veterinary facilities in Southern New England’s summer months.

Muddy Creek Animal Center, located in Rowley, Massachusetts, has served the communities of Rowley, Georgetown, Ipswich, Boxford, Newburyport, and Topsfield since 1989. The center provides veterinary care, doggie daycare, and boarding for dogs, cats, and some pocket pets.

With the arrival of warmer weather in early June, the center’s practice manager, Ana Hubbard, realized that the air wasn’t feeling cool enough. She was concerned that the 17-year-old packaged rooftop unit may be failing and contacted LC Anderson to arrange an impromptu service.

The LCA service tech examined the system and recommended replacing the unit due to the equipment’s age and previous repair history. ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) guidelines state that the median life expectancy for this type of equipment is 15 years. The Planned Maintenance Program had kept the 17-year-old packaged rooftop unit working well beyond its life expectancy, but the time had come.

The service tech repaired the refrigerant leak and charged the unit to be back in operation until it could be replaced.

LCA’s sales engineer quickly provided a quote, the practice manager approved it, and the equipment was ordered. Supply chain issues were pervasive, and the new rooftop unit wasn’t expected to arrive until September. LCA had to ensure the system continued cooling and conditioning the facility throughout the summer.

The new equipment arrived sooner than expected, and it was installed in July, just in time for the summer heatwave.

The system served multiple areas throughout the building, and the original installation had not been configured for zoned air distribution. LCA provided an alternative solution to installing an upgraded zone system that saved the animal center thousands of dollars. The solution utilized averaging sensors linked to the thermostat to improve the temperatures in each area.

“LC Anderson has been performing quarterly maintenance on our eight rooftop units for 16 years. We appreciate the reliable partnership with them and their professional service tech, who knows our buildings and equipment inside and out. We rely on LC Anderson to keep us informed and operational, and with regular maintenance, there are no surprises. We knew the unit was at the end of its life, and when it was time to make the decision, we were prepared to replace it. We would gladly recommend LC Anderson to other veterinary centers.”

Dr. Lieber, Chief of Staff and Ana Hubbard, Practice Manager, Muddy Creek Animal Care Center

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