Controlling Humidity, Temperature & Air Quality in Veterinary Facilities

controlling humidity in veterinary facilities

Controlling humidity, temperature, and indoor air quality are important in any building, and essential where health is a priority. Veterinary facilities have a lot at stake while caring for a variety of furry, feathered, and four-legged patients. This means keeping them comfortable, calm, and safe from encountering any additional health problems during their stay.

Getting out ahead of HVAC repair and replacement has never been more critical. Since the pandemic’s beginning, product shortages and supply chain issues have become commonplace. Nearly every industry has been impacted and commercial HVAC is no exception. With equipment manufacturing and supply chain issues, the HVAC industry is experiencing longer lead times in the range of 6-9 months with no end in sight.

Taking a proactive approach to your veterinary facility’s HVAC maintenance can help to avoid critical situations and extended downtime.

Risk Management for Controlling Humidity, Temperature & Air Quality

The life of commercial HVAC systems depends on a variety of factors. On average, you can expect your equipment to last 15-20 years if it is well maintained.

Facilities with equipment of 15 years or more should take steps to prepare a replacement plan. Signs that indicate replacement is imminent can include uneven cooling or heating temperatures, unusual noises, strange odors, and chronic repairs.

For systems that are more than ten years old, especially critical equipment with a heavy-duty cycle, we recommend a full system assessment and establishing a planned maintenance schedule to stay ahead of emergencies.

A system that is less than ten years old and in good working order should have a planned maintenance program to uncover conditions that add stress to compressors or heat exchangers – as these too are experiencing longer lead times. A comprehensive planned maintenance program will maximize the life of the equipment and minimize the need for repairs.

If your HVAC system goes down for any extended period, it is more than a critical risk, it is a crisis.

We know that pets are family. We’re pet owners too. And when it comes to the comfort and safety of healthcare environments, responsive service makes a difference. You can count on LC Anderson to provide quality and responsive HVAC service 24/7/365.

Start planning now if your equipment is close to or beyond its expected life. At the very least, a quarterly inspection is well worth the investment.

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