From Reactive to Proactive HVACR Maintenance: How to Protect Your Business

proactive HVACR maintenance

The Boston Beer Company is an American brewery and beverage company headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, and is best known for its flagship brand, Samuel Adams. The company also produces a variety of other beers and hard seltzers, including Angry Orchard and Twisted Tea.

As a brewery, Boston Beer Company relies heavily on its HVAC and refrigeration systems to maintain optimal brewing conditions so a proactive HVACR maintenance program is essential.

During a scheduled planned maintenance visit, the LC Anderson service technician found an HVAC unit with a cracked heat exchanger. The unit required immediate attention to ensure a safe working environment for the company’s employees. A heat exchanger is an integral component of an HVAC system that transfers heat between two fluids or gases, and a crack in this component can lead to a serious health hazard, including carbon monoxide poisoning.

The replacement of the heat exchanger or the entire unit was required, but the timing was a critical decision-making factor for Boston Beer. They opted for the replacement heat exchanger, given the age and availability of the replacement unit.

When the LCA tech identified the cracked heat exchanger that posed a threat to the safety and health of the employees, he took immediate action. Without regular maintenance, the issue could have gone unnoticed, causing a potential threat to employees’ safety and the company’s operations.

LC Anderson’s technician replaced the heat exchanger and associated parts within two days after they encountered the problem. The quick action of the LC Anderson team restored heat to the space, eliminated the health hazard, and ensured the safety of the employees.

The regular maintenance program implemented by LC Anderson ensured that Boston Beer’s HVAC system operated safely and efficiently, with the following results:

  • Enhanced Safety: The cracked heat exchanger posed a significant safety threat to the employees at Boston Beer. The scheduled maintenance prevented a potential safety threat and ensured that the employees remained safe.
  • Mitigate the Risk of Peak Usage Interruptions: The planned maintenance program safeguards the business’ operations by performing service and resolving issues prior to the summer and winter weather.  
  • Protect Business Operations: The company’s planned HVAC and refrigeration maintenance program played a crucial role in preventing a catastrophic system failure.
  • Efficient HVAC Operation: The regular maintenance schedule enabled LC Anderson to identify the cracked heat exchanger and replace it quickly, preventing further damage to the system and ensuring its efficient operation.
  • Cost Savings: Regular HVAC maintenance can help prevent costly repairs by identifying issues early. In this case, regular maintenance allowed LC Anderson to identify the cracked heat exchanger early, reducing the cost of repairs and ensuring the efficient operation of the HVAC system.

By partnering with LC Anderson to implement a planned maintenance program, businesses can ensure that their HVACR systems operate safely and efficiently and reduce the risk of costly downtime and emergency repairs.

Learn more about our planned maintenance programs here.

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